Move Over Ozzy, Here Come the Toten Hosen | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 11.08.2004
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Move Over Ozzy, Here Come the Toten Hosen

If the Osbournes can kick-start old (and launch new) careers as a result of painfully real television, who's to stop the most successful German-language punk band from following suit? Not MTV anyway.


There's life in the Toten Hosen yet and they're going on TV to prove it

Friss oder Stirb (Eat or Die) is the catchy title of the new show, featuring Germany's very own punk legend, the Toten Hosen (Dead Pants). In a series of 22 half-hour episodes, fans and otherwise will have unprecedented access to the chaos that reigns in the lives and worlds of the five band members.

In the show, Campino, Breiti, Kuddel, Andi and Vom Ritchie, as they are affectionately known to their disciples, will open the lid on just about every aspect of life as high-profile German punks.

MTV is not only promising its viewers the chance to see their heroes in classic band situations, such as the recording studio or the tour bus, but is bating potential audiences with the rare opportunity of watching them try their hands at more conventional pastimes, such as horse-riding or golfing.

Campino von den Toten Hosen

Lead singer of the Toten Hosen, Campino

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the chance of having their own TV show was too good a gig to pass up. Lead singer Campino says the aim is to give a little insight into their lives, to document the chaos which surrounds them, and show how they deal with the music and television circus which constantly follows them -- and of which they are about to become a part.

With the only rule for the show being that there were no rules, the series promises to have that 'anything goes' attitude which has characterized the Toten Hosen since their birth into the music world back in 1978.

The Osbournes will be a hard act to follow, and whether Friss oder Stirb will do the same for the Toten Hosen as MTV reality TV appears to have done for Ozzy and his clan remains to be seen.

Then again, if past experience is anything to go on, the success of such shows is not necessarily related to music or to the charismatic on-screen presence of the protagonists. It might just be a winner...

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