Most popular Euromaxx Facebook videos of 2016 | Euromaxx | DW | 19.12.2016
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Most popular Euromaxx Facebook videos of 2016

From astonishing crayon art to weird and wonderful vehicles, watch the videos that attracted most attention on Euromaxx's Facebook page this year.

Watch video 01:05

Christian Faur - crayon art

In this one-minute-long timelapse video, the artist Christian Faur stacks colored crayons on top of each other until the fascinating portrait of a woman is revealed. It was the most-watched video on Euromaxx's Facebook page this year, gathering some 10 million views.

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Meike Krüger on a Lopifit

Euromaxx's video of the Lopifit, a curious treadmill on wheels, was almost just as popular. Host Meike Krüger tested this Dutch invention in the city of Utrecht. She discovered that as the rider walks, sensors register the turning treadmill and kick the motor into gear to assist the movement and set the wheels in motion. As a result, people can cycle to work by walking.

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Fahrradi - Slowest sports car on the road

Another unusual means of transport also went viral - the Fahrradi crosses not a treadmill, but a car with a bike. Austrian artist Hannes Langeder designed this vehicle, which drives like a bike but looks like a Ferrari and is surely the slowest sportscar in the world.

In the video, he uses muscle power to "drive" the 200-kilogram colossus. No wonder that pedestrians often overtake him. Langeder originally designed the vehicle for an exhibition about cars in Linz.

You can discover new, exciting, weird and wonderful videos everyday on Euromaxx’s Facebook page.

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