Moroccan boxer accused of sexual assault in Rio Olympic Village | News | DW | 05.08.2016
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Moroccan boxer accused of sexual assault in Rio Olympic Village

Police in Rio de Janeiro have arrested a Moroccan boxer for allegedly sexually assaulting two Brazilian women in the Olympic Village. Police say he'll remain in custody for 15 days while an investigation is carried out.

Hassan Saada, 22, was arrested Friday on suspicion of assaulting the two maids who work at the Rio Games Athletes' Village, Brazilian police said Friday.

The alleged attacks happened on Wednesday.

The boxer is listed as a competitor in the 81 kilogram category at the Rio Olympic Games. His arrest came as the city prepared to host the event's opening ceremony on Friday evening.

Saada was due to fight Turkish boxer Mehmet Nadir in the preliminary rounds on Saturday afternoon.

Police said he would be jailed for a period of 15 days while they conduct a rape investigation.

Under Brazilian law, the term rape is also used to refer to lesser acts when they are against the person's will or if the person is a minor. Suspects can also be held for a long period of time while a case is examined.

The International Boxing Association describes Saada on its website as a light-heavyweight "newcomer to the international scene" who has won two youth titles in Morocco.

nm/shs (Reuters, AFP, AP)

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