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More migrants try to cross the Mediterranean from Lebanon

Björn Blaschke | Anne-Sophie Brändlin
November 4, 2020

An increasing number of people try to flee economic hardship in Lebanon by setting out by boat for Cyprus or Greece. Reporter Björn Blaschke met would-be migrants who are eager to make the journey even though its unlikely they will make it to Europe.


At the moment, most who try to use the sea routes start they journeys across the mediterranean sea in Libya or Tunisia. But in the past few months, an increasing number of migrants come from Lebanon. That's partly due to the deterioration of the economic situation in the country, and aftermath of the devastating explosions that destroyed part of the harbour in Beirut in August.

Over the past weeks, a number of dead bodies have been washed up on the coast of Lebanon - bodies of irregular migrants who were trying to reach Cyprus or Greece, but did not survive the dangerous crossing. 

Many others, who have survived the  journey, are being turned down by Cypriot authorities and will be sent right back to Lebanon. Björn Blaschke met with some of these would-be migrants in Lebanon. Anne-Sophie Brändlin has the story. 

(Author: Björn Blaschke/ presenter: Anne-Sophie Brändlin)