More Fake Euro Coins in Circulation | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 06.06.2005
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More Fake Euro Coins in Circulation

The number of fake euro coins has risen sharply in Germany, according to Germany's finance ministry, Bild tabloid reported on Monday. While investigators only found 1,032 counterfeit coins in 2002, they discovered 51,000 in 2004. The most common coins to be replicated are the 2 euro-coins, the largest ones available. While the number of discovered counterfeit banknotes has risen as well, the increase is not quite as dramatic. In 2003, officials found 50,000 notes and in 2004, they confiscated 81,000. The most common notes to be counterfeited are the 50-euro and 100-euro ones.

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