More cultural topics in our German program | Receiving Deutsche Welle′s TV programming in your area | DW | 17.01.2017
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More cultural topics in our German program

Starting February 6 2017, DW will offer you more cultural topics in the German program.

Arts, culture and lifestyle will play a prominent role on the new channel. Along with hits like Euromaxx, viewers will also have access to new shows from leading public broadcasters ARD and ZDF – with highlights like "Das literarische Quartett" und "Quarks und Co".

If you’re looking for the details to the headlines, look no further than "Der Tag". It’s one full hour of in-depth reporting on the most important issues in Germany, Europe and the world. 

There will also be a new addition to our high-quality children’s programming with the award-winning show Pur+. 

You will automatically receive the new program starting February 6 2017.