Mobile | Program | DW | 12.05.2015
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The world is mobile and DW is there where users need us - with solutions for smartphones and tablets, live feeds and on-demand services.

A source for information anytime and anywhere, DW ensures that quality journalism is available on smart phones, tablets and any other mobile device.

The DW app is available on all of the most popular Android, iOS and Windows smartphones - providing users with access to news, audio and video content on-demand, as well as live streams for television and radio. In addition to our rich multimedia content, the app also offers an array of new and useful features - including push notifications for breaking news, Airplay and Chromecast functionality, text mode for low-bandwidth access and an offline mode to catch up on the news even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

DW also offers apps for Nokia smartphones with Symbian³, S 40 and MeeGo operating systems.

In 2004, DW was the first international broadcaster to focus on podcasting. Now, there are nearly 500 podcasts available. But there are plenty of other ways to stay connected - like on, the DW website optimized for mobile browsers.

All of the content that is available for partners can also be adapted to individual standards and requirements.

Many mobile providers are already DW partners. If you want to provide your users with high-quality content, made in Germany, just contact our distribution executives for detailed information.