Mission Paris 01 - Woman on a Mission | Mission Paris - Episodes | DW | 17.10.2007
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Mission Paris - Episodes

Mission Paris 01 - Woman on a Mission

Only Eva can save France. But who are her allies? And who are her enemies? From a Parisian cafe she follows a messenger right into a blast at a railway station. Is it a trap? And what do the messenger's dying words mean?

Only Eva can save France

Only Eva can save France

From a Parisian café with a surly waiter, Eva runs after a mysterious contact and ends up in the chaotic aftermath of an explosion. Was someone trying to kill her? Instead of sipping her espresso in peace, she finds herself facing danger. She gets mixed up in a world of mysterious codes and a race against time. The messenger has told her the first clues for her assignment -- "allée a, rangée 2" and a number code 1-8-5-2. Eva is the only person who can save France from a disaster.

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