Mission Berlin 04 – Danger Signals | Mission Berlin - Episodes | DW | 17.06.2008

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Mission Berlin - Episodes

Mission Berlin 04 – Danger Signals

Anna arrives at her destination on Kantstraße but it's closed. She's told that the owner is in a café. They seem to know each other. Anna has 100 minutes left. Will she have enough time?

A break in Café Krokant

A break in Café Krokant

Anna is thrown off completely when she finds the shop closed. Leo Winkler is dead. An organ player tells her that the new owner of the shop is Leo Winkler's son, Paul. He has his daily hot chocolate at a nearby café. She goes to the café and asks for a coffee ... Kaffee ... and there's a man with a silver violin pendant smiling at her. Ogur enters the cafe and tells Anna that her mission is dangerous ... gefährlich ... as is RATAVA. Intrigued, Anna hurries after the elderly man with the violin. But what's in his case?

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