′Miniatur Wunderland′ to open little Venice | DW Travel | DW | 21.02.2018
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'Miniatur Wunderland' to open little Venice

The lagoon city is the new highlight of the world's largest model railway complex in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. From 21 February, the miniature gondolas will run through the canals of little Venice in Bella Italia.

Wunderland Hamburg - Miniatur Venedig (Miniatur Wunderland)

Rialto Bridge

Since the recognition value of this popular tourist city is so high, the model builders had to work on it with more precision than ever before, the operators announced before the opening on Wednesday. It was a real challenge to reproduce the beginning decay of the buildings realistically by the regular "Acqua alta" (flooding). But also the opulent decorations on the facades provided a lot of work.

For the first time, there will be no moving cars or trains in the new 9 square metre section. To this end, more than 150 typical Venetian gondolas operate on the canals. Huge cruise ships, which in reality all too often disguise the beautiful scenery of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, do not have a berth in the Venice of Miniatur Wunderland. Not least because of the loud protests from demonstrators who were called on the scene by the organisation "No grande navi". They use posters and banners to express their displeasure at the giant ships.

Wunderland Hamburg - Miniatur Venedig (Miniatur Wunderland)

150 typical Venetian gondolas operate on the canals

You can see the famous St. Mark's Square, the Rialto Bridge, the Prokuratien and many famous palaces. In addition, there is the typical maze of alleyways with footbridges and inner courtyards, where the real Venetian life takes place.

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