Merkel′s out: What next? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 01.11.2018
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Merkel's out: What next?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to exit the political world stage. She will not keep her position as CDU party chairperson, nor seek reelection as Chancellor. Can we expect a smooth handover? Guest: Valerie Höhne (Spiegel Online), Ulrike Herrmann (TAZ), Andreas Kluth (Handelsblatt Global)

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Our guests are:

Valerie Höhne is a political analyst for Spiegel Online. Valerie believes : "Who will succeed chancellor Angela Merkel as head of the CDU is a pivotal part of the question. If the conservatives win, the possibility of a power struggle between chancellor Merkel and the new party head is much greater."



Andreas Kluth, Editor in Chief of  Handelsblatt Global says: „Merkel’s decision was both clever and dignified, and may let her stay on as chancellor until 2021."





Ulrike Herrmann is an author, and an editor at the Berlin daily TAZ. She says:"No matter what happens, the Green Party stands to gain."