″Meine Oma, das Regime und ich″ wins award! | Traineeship | DW | 13.03.2015
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"Meine Oma, das Regime und ich" wins award!

The international trainees' multimedia project looks at life under a dictatorship – as recounted by their grandmothers. It's now won a CNN Journalist Award for aspiring journalists. Congratulations!

Trainee Carolina Machhaus in Chile recording her grandmother's stories (photo: DW).

Trainee Carolina Machhaus recording her grandmother's stories in Chile

Putting a personal face on history was the focus of a graduation multimedia project by DW's international trainee class of 2012-2014. After researching their families' histories they discovered that six of their grandmothers had one thing in common: they had all lived - or were still living - under a dictatorship. The result is the prize-winning multimedia project "Meine Oma, das Regime und ich" ("My granny, the regime and I"). The jury for the CNN Journalist Award 2015 has announced it the winner of its "online" category for aspiring journalists.

Deutsche Welle International journalism trainees (Foto: DW).

Award nominees: DW's international trainees

The trainees had initially paired up and traveled to Belarus, Brazil, Chile, China, Kenya or parts of the former East Germany to record their grandmothers' experiences. The resulting portraits are supported with articles and comments, and an interactive timeline that puts the moving accounts into a historical context.

The project quickly gained fans. After the trainees posted a video trailer on DW Akademie's Facebook page it received more than 45,000 clicks.

The award ceremony was held in London. The CNN Journalist Award annually recognizes outstanding works by aspiring journalists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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