Meet...Boureima Salouka | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 08.09.2017
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Meet...Boureima Salouka

Boureima Salouka is a project coordinator with DW Akademie in Burkina Faso. DW Akademie wants to introduce to you the people we work with on the ground. Get to know more about our local colleagues!

Boureima Salouka has been working as a local project coordinator with DW Akademie Burkina Faso project for the past four years. Among his duties is supporting local partners in their day to day activities.

What do you like most about your work with DW Akademie?

The most exhilarating part of my job is definitely the role of mentoring and advising our local partners. Together with them we have to create favorable conditions that allow to have fruitful exchange and mutual understanding. The most exciting and essential element in media development is knowing how to maintain and evolve partnership. This daily closeness with partners makes me be entusiastic about my job because it brings about innovative and consensual solutions.

Why are DW Akademie's activities and projects important in Burkina Faso?

DW Akademie carries out a number of activities in Burkina Faso. The main goal is to strengthen the quality of journalism, promoting and defending press freedom, citizens’ freedom of expression and supporting community radios. These activities make media in the country play an important role in reinforcing the country’s democracy. Although the country is seen among Africa’s fine examples in its democratic struggle, the country’s social, economic and political situation is still very fragile. That’s why DW Akademie’s trainings on conflict-sensitive reporting are essential in helping the media in anticipating and deescalating conflicts. The same applies to DW Akademie’s activities which help young people and women in rural areas to access community radios. These activities have great impact on society.

Why does DW Akademie work with community radios in rural areas?

Most media in Burkina Faso are commercial and most of them are based in the capital. Radio is the most widely accessed medium in rural areas and community radio stations play a very important role. But they have very limited human and organizational resources. It is against this backdrop that DW Akademie has decided to work with four community radio stations across the country. Thanks to DW Akademie’s intervention, we are now seeing positive changes made in these radio stations in terms of the quality of the content produced and the citizen participation in managing public affairs.

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