Meet the director: Good Bye, Mr. Berlinale | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 09.02.2019
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Meet the director: Good Bye, Mr. Berlinale

Dieter Kosslick saw the Berlinale through 18 years of ups and downs. But the credits are rolling now and he's moving on. Arts.21 met Mr. Berlinale and talked to him about cinema, meeting Mick Jagger and Meryl Streep and life after the festival!

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Dieter Kosslick holding a golden Berlin Bear Award at the Noack foundry in Berlin (Reuters/F. Bensch)

Dieter Kosslick at the Noack foundry in Berlin

He's not a director, nor a producer nor an actor but cinema has a lot to thank him for. Dieter Kosslick has been running Berlin's international film festival with panache and a quirky sense of humor since 2001. On his watch, the Berlinale has become the planet's biggest audience festival and attracted stars from the Rolling Stones to Meryl Streep, Shah Rukh Khan to George Clooney. Kosslick also made sure that the spotlight was put on German cinema and promoted aspiring filmmakers, inviting 250 talented young people from all over the world to participate in projects each year. And he launched the Culinary Cinema section. Now the credits have come up on the screen and he's moving on. Arts.21 rolls out the red carpet one last time and talks to Dieter Kosslick about cinema, stars, criticism and life after the Berlinale.