Meet Eco Africa′s Sandrah Twinoburyo | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 29.01.2021

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Meet Eco Africa's Sandrah Twinoburyo

Based in Uganda's capital, Kampala, Sandrah presents environmental issues and solutions from East Africa.

I have been interested in current events since I was a young girl, so I started my career by getting a bachelor's degree in journalism and communications at Makerere University in Kampala. 

During that time I took part in a media challenge between universities all over Kampala and won the best news anchor award. I have since worked with Radio City 97FM and Record TV, Uganda. I am currently working with NTV Uganda, one of the leading television stations in the country. 

In my quest for global exposure and experience, I got an opportunity to visit South Africa in 2016 where I spoke about the political climate in Uganda. In May 2019, I was selected to participate in a media conference in Berlin, Germany. At the conference, I networked with influential journalists from different parts of the world and was able to learn about current best practices as well as cutting-edge methods in journalism. Both opportunities have positioned me better to tackle human interest stories, which often have a lot to do with the environment.

Here in Uganda we feel the impact of climate change daily. Floods, unpredictable weather or droughts are becoming the norm and I think as a journalist it's my duty to report about that. And that's why I am keen to be a part of the Eco Africa team, because the show offers solutions to so many problems.

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