#mediadev: Dossier Media Viability | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 03.02.2016
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#mediadev: Dossier Media Viability

A new dossier on media viability explores various aspects of financial sustainability and also looks at some innovative business models being used successfully by the media.

In a series of articles and case studies, DW Akademie's new Dossier Media Viability examines the question of how media outlets around the globe can develop survival strategies while still maintaining editorial independence. The dossier also explores how media development organizations can best support the financial sustainability of partners within the media sector.

Several case studies give concrete examples of how some outlets are succeeding, and others failing, to ensure financial sustainability. In addition, the dossier also explains the real meaning behind the much-debated terms of "media sustainability" and "media viability", and presents studies and expert interviews on the topic.

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