Media Development January - February 2011 | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 11.02.2011
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Media Development January - February 2011

January 2011

Germany, Berlin and other locations
Reform of Mongolian National Broadcaster. Management Consultancy for the public Mongolian broadcaster MNB.

Iraq, Sulaymaniyah
TV Information Magazine Program for Children and Young Adults in Northern Iraq.

Moldova, Chisinau
“Europe Ahead”. Workshop for management and journalists from Teleradio Moldova.

Nicaragua, Managua
Revisto: Workshop on investigative journalism.

Syria, Damascus
New Media Technology: HDTV-1. For engineers and technicians involved in planning and operations. Participants will be given an overview of HDTV’s development status. The workshop is being held in cooperation with the Arab States Broadcasting Union’s (ASBU) Training Center.

February 2011

Bhutan, Thimpu
Developing Programs for Children; Part 2/3. Workshop for editors, producers, camera technicians, sound engineers and video editors from the state broadcaster Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS).

Germany, Berlin
Film Festival and Event Management. Workshop centered around the Berlinal Film Festival. The twelve participants from Africa and Asia work with various film festivals. The workshop focuses on self-presentation, online marketing, organization/management/marketing, film analysis and selection, and film markets.

Georgia, Tbilisi
Television Journalism Standards. In-house workshop for staff from Channel 2.

Laos, Vientiane and other locations
News for Laos: Introducing a New TV Format. For managers, editors, reporters and technicians from Lao National TV.

Laos, Vientiane
Supporting the Teaching Staff at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Lao National University. For lecturers and students of the LNU Mass Communications degree program. Follow-up to workshop held in December 2010.

Liberia, Monrovia
Webmaster Skills and Online Journalism. For online editors, webmasters and journalists working bi-medially for Star Radio, an independent radio station.

Moldova, Chisinau
“All Reporting is Local”. Consultation project for local and regional radio and television correspondents from Teleradio Moldova.

Nepal, Kathmandu
Archive Consultancy for Radio Nepal: Disc Restoration. For archivists, documentalists, technicians and engineers assigned to construct Radio Nepal’s audio archive.

Sierra Leone, Freetown
TV News. Workshop for news editors and hosts at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation.

Vietnam, Ha Long City
Radio For the People, Phase 1. Radio workshop for staff from the Quang Ninh Radio and Television Station.