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DW Arts.21 (Sendungslogo Kultur.21 englisch)


The Cultural Magazine

DW Covid-19 Special Sendungslogo englisch

Ask Derrick

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Your reliable guide to the global economy



The Travel Guide

DW Close Up Program Guide Sendungslogo

Close up

The Current Affairs Documentary

Conflict Zone

Conflict Zone

Confronting the Powerful

DW Covid-19 Special Sendungslogo englisch

Ask Derrick

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DW News

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DW News Africa

DW News Asia

DW News Asia

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Eco Africa

The Environment Magazine

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Eco India

The Environment Magazine

DW Euromaxx (Sendungslogo)



DW Sendungslogo Glaubenssachen englisch (Faith Matters)

Faith Matters

The Church Program

09.2015 DW Focus on Europe (Sendungslogo)

Focus on Europe

Spotlight on People

Global 3000

Global 3000

The Globalization Program

Infofilm Müll

Global Ideas - video explainer

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In Good Shape

The Health Show

DW Made

Made in Germany

Your Business Magazine

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On Location

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The Global Auto and Mobility Show

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Living in the Digital Age

Special Program

Special Program

Special Program

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Sports Life

Speak the Global Language of Sport

DW The 77 Percent (Sendungslogo englisch)

The 77 Percent

The Magazine for Africa‘s Youth

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The Day

News in Review

DW Projekt Zukunft Sendungslogo Englisch (Tomorrow Today)

Tomorrow Today

The Science Magazine

DW To the Point Sendungslogo englisch

To the point

International Debate from Berlin

A group of young innovators are building electronic gadgets from scratch using scrap metal and e-waste in the DRC.


World Stories

World Stories

The Week in Reports


King Mswati III of the Kingdom of Swaziland gestures as he sits at the closing ceremony of the 37th Southern African Development Community (SADC) Summit of Heads of State and Government at The OR Tambo Building in Pretoria on August 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / GULSHAN KHAN (Photo credit should read GULSHAN KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)


In-depth reporting on the stories making headlines across Africa

191213 Inside Europe

Inside Europe

The Inside Take on European Affairs

Living Planet
1. Teaser
Titel: 210318 DW Living Planet Picture Teaser.png

Living Planet

Telling environment stories from around the world.

DW Merkel’s last dance Teaser (Podcast)
Beschreibung: DW, Politik, Teaser (Podcast), Merkel’s last dance, ENG

Merkel's Last Dance

Tune in to "Merkel's last dance“, DW's English-language political podcast, to learn about Angela Merkel's last year in office as German Chancellor and how she'll be leaving Germany, Europe, and the world behind.

Gambian youth demonstrate
Datum: 10/2021

The 77 Percent Audios

77 percent of Africans are younger than 35. Are you part of the group?

Helmine Monique Sija, about 50 years old, prepares raketa (cactus) to eat with her daughter Tolie, 10 years old, in the village of Atoby, commune of Behara, on August 30, 2021. - The raketa only helps to cut the feeling of hunger but does not provide any nutrients and is known to give strong stomach aches. It must be boiled for a long time before being eaten. Three of her children have left for Tsihombe, 100km to the west in the Androy region, to try to find work. She would like to live somewhere else in a more fertile area so that she can farm, but she does not have enough money to move. Every day, her children buy water (5 cents USD for a 20-liter can) from the Mandrare River, located 7 kilometers away.
For several decades the South-East of Madagascar has been a victim of the Kere phenomenon, as the local population calls it. Kere is the food crisis due to a period of intense drought that causes a sudden stop of the cultivation of crops by the farmers for several months each year. The farmers are left without money and in a situation of severe malnutrition or even starvation. (Photo by RIJASOLO / AFP)

World in Progress

The Many Facets of Development

Religions for Peace
The new Secretary General Religions for Peace, Dr. Azza Karam

World in Progress - topics

Reports from World in Progress