Match-Fixing German Referee Escapes Fine | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 27.04.2005
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Match-Fixing German Referee Escapes Fine

Disgraced referee Robert Hoyzer has escaped a 50,000 euro fine because the German Football Federation (DFB) believes a life ban for match-fixing is punishment enough. Berlin official Hozyer, 25, has admitted to fixing four matches in the biggest scandal in German football since 1971. "The DFB control panel and their chairman, Horst Hilpert, have decided not to fine Robert Hoyzer 50,000 euros," DFB communications chief Harald Stenger said. "But the panel is still demanding a life ban to ensure he never referees another football match." Hoyzer, suspended by the DFB, is said to have picked up around 67,000 euros and a widescreen television after working in collaboration with Croatian mafia circles in Berlin. He was arrested in February before being released on police bail after relinquishing his passport. Hoyzer is currently working on his autobiography but is determined to get back into the football world. "Some time in the future I would like the chance to get back into football as a player," Hoyzer told the Bild daily.

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