Masked robbers grab Dali from Dutch museum | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 01.05.2009
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Masked robbers grab Dali from Dutch museum

Art robbers strike in the Netherlands, making off with a painting by Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali.

A portrait of Salvador Dali

Works by Dali are prized around the world.

Several masked robbers walked into the Scheringa Museum for Realist Art in Spanbroek, a village north of Amsterdam.

They threatened the staff with a gun and then took Dali's 1941 “Adolescence” and a 1929 oil painting by the Polish art deco painter Tamara de Lempicka off the wall.

“They put the paintings in a car and drove off,” police spokesman Menno Hartenberg said. “It was all over in two minutes."

Both pieces were part of the museum's permanent collection.

Musuem officials would not disclose the paintings' values, saying only that they were among the collection's top works .

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