Marks, Jonathan | Speakers | DW | 20.04.2012
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Marks, Jonathan

Director, Critical Distance, Huizen, Netherlands

Bild: 40_picture_Jonathan Marks_AG_244x330.jpg Titel: GMF12 Foto Jonathan Marks Schlagworte: Global Media Forum 2012, Speaker40 Beschreibung: Speaker Jonathan Marks auf dem Global Media Forum 2012 Format: Sonderformat 244x330 Bildrechte: Jonathan Marks, Verwertungsrechte im Kontext des Global Media Forums 2012 eingeräumt.

Jonathan Marks is a writer, broadcaster and researcher on a wide range of issues connected with the media. As Program Director at Radio Netherlands in the 1990s, he led the development of online and mobile storytelling on projects in Latin America, South Asia and Africa. Since starting his independent consultancy in 2003, Marks has worked on projects that examine emerging technology. His most recent study looked at how second screens are being integrated into traditional media and how scientific stories are being shared with younger audiences. He has advised several event organizers including TEDx, the World Bank, UNICEF as well as public broadcasters such as BBC, VRT, ARD and ORF. He believes that more money needs to be invested in content creation and curation and less on fragmented distribution.

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