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Families in Guatemala facing Hunger

Anke Rasper | Andreas Boueke
July 6, 2022

Since the pandemic, hunger and poverty are even worse for most of the 6 million indigenous people in the country. Many children lost years of education and their future looks bleak. But there are also many who try to help.


In Latin America and the Caribbean, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically worsened the food security situation. That's also the case in Guatemala, where two thirds of the more than 16 million polulation already live on less than 2 US dollars per day. Almost half of children are stunted - meaning they’re chronically malnourished - that’s one of the highest figures in the world. On top of food insecurity, many children have missed up to two years of school. The situation is worst for indigenous communities. 

But there are also efforts to support the most marginalized.In this time of crisis, everyone from local aid groups to health workers and teachers are doing what they can to help the poorest families - with a bit more food, bringing healthcare to those in remote places, or providing some seeds for a small vegetable garden.
Andreas Boueke accompanied several helpers and talked to families about their daily struggles

Reporter: Andreas Boueke
Presenter: Evelyn McClafferty