Make surfing easier with mobile tags | Mobile | DW | 28.07.2010
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Make surfing easier with mobile tags

Mobile tags offer the easiest way to access our mobile portal while on the go.


QR Tag for

Mobile tags provide a simple way to encode URLs and can be compared with the bar codes that you see on normal packaging. You can use mobile tags to access directly – without having to key in the URL on your mobile phone.

Deutsche Welle uses the so-called QR code, which is very easy to use:

1. Install a mobile tag reader on your mobile phone if it hasn’t been installed yet (like from

2. Start the reader and point your phone’s camera at the QR code (shown above).

3. Your reader will recognize the QR code and display our URL (

4. The reader will then prompt you to “Open link”.

5. Your phone’s browser will automatically open Deutsche Welle’s homepage for mobile content:

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