Müntefering Recovers From Fainting Spell | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 25.08.2005
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Müntefering Recovers From Fainting Spell

The leader of German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's Social Democratic Party, Franz Müntefering, was discharged from hospital on Thursday after collapsing on stage at a campaign rally. The director of the cardiology clinic at University Hospital in the western city of Homburg, Michael Böhm, said that the 65-year-old was now doing well. "He had a circulatory collapse that had no long-term consequences. I advised him to take it easy," he said. Representatives for the Social Democrats (SPD) said Müntefering returned Thursday to Berlin where he had a series of appointments scheduled including a televised debate with Schröder's challenger Angela Merkel and other political leaders. The SPD said Economy Minister Wolfgang Clement would stand in at the debate for Müntefering, who shocked supporters late Wednesday when he fainted during a fiery speech in Homburg ahead of the September 18 election. Security personnel caught his fall and he was treated by emergency paramedics on site.

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