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Lukas Stege

April 29, 2016

I was born January 1987 in Frankfurt-Höchst, and that’s when it all began. From Frankfurt to Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne and Leipzig, I’ve lived in many places. I even had the chance to work in Mexico for a year.

DW Check-in Moderator Lukas Stege (Composite)

I grew up in northern Germany, in Hamburg and Hannover. After I passed the entrance exam for university, I was drawn to far-away shores and completed a voluntary year of social service at a migrant hostel / shelter in northern Mexico. As well as learning another language, I also learned about another culture and met people whose mindsets were very different from what you find in Germany. Since then, Central- and South America have been my absolute favorite travel destinations, and I can hardly wait to get back. Fantastic experiences and places like the World Cup in Brazil, a dusty silver mine in Bolivia or fairytale waterfalls in Ecuador will always inspire further travel. There is still so much to discover! And helping others make exciting discoveries is precisely what journalists do. I already knew I wanted to become a journalist when living in Mexico. So after my year abroad I began studying Applied Media Management in Hamburg in 2007, going to Cologne as part of the RTL Journalism School. I then worked for the commercial broadcaster in Leipzig for three years starting in 2013, and still live in the center of the beautiful Saxon metropolis. When I have time in between trips, I write well-rhymed lyrics that will be part of the rap-hit I’m working on with the help of my classmate Hecki. We’ve been at it on and off for about 15 years.

As of May 2016 I am a reporter/host for the DW Travel Magazine “Check-in” – and the journey is nowhere near over. It has just begun…