Lufthansa crew wears dirndl and taps beer | DW Travel | DW | 18.09.2018
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Munich Oktoberfest

Lufthansa crew wears dirndl and taps beer

Three days before the start of the Munich Oktoberfest on Saturday (22.09. - 07.10.) Lufthansa is sending its crew on their journey in Bavarian costume. And there's draught beer on board!

The first traditional costume flight will take off for New York on September 19, followed by further flights to various European cities as well as Singapore and Shanghai, according to the airline.

Lufthansa Trachtenflug (picture-alliance/dpa/F. Hörhager)

Every year at the Oktoberfest, like here in 2012, Lufthansa crews fly overseas in traditional costume

As in the 1960s, freshly tapped beer will be on board for the first time in a long time. However, only business class guests will be able to enjoy it. A special airworthy barrel has been selected for this purpose, in which the carbon dioxide pressure is regulated by a valve. This prevents overpressure on board, and tapping is also possible at an altitude of 10,000 metres.

is/ks (dpa)

Lufthansa Trachtenflug (picture-alliance/dpa/K. Roßkopp)

Lufthansa crew in current Oktoberfest outfit

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