Looking for live music? Check these apps | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 24.09.2013
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Looking for live music? Check these apps

All dressed up and ready to dance, but no place to go? It's a problem that's so common, that a number of tech startups are dedicating their apps to helping you out. DW takes a look at a few of them.

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Looking for live music? Check these apps

There are apps to fulfill almost any need you may have and now that includes apps to follow your favorite DJs and bands in cities around the world. One app, Beatguide, went live in May 2013 and has a database of more than 30,000 electronic music artists in some of the world's hottest party cities, including Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Cape Town.

Beatguide has already been picked up to be a part of Red Bull Amplifier, which helps music tech companies propel themselves worldwide. From Barcelona to Berlin, electronic music fans can check out what is going on in their area, search for their favorite artist, or discover which artist is playing at a venue where they are, with direct links to their music on SoundCloud.

Beatguide founders, from left, Stefan Baumschläger, Tino Ehrich, Brendon Blackwell, Copyright: Beatguide

Beatguide's founders are techno fans themselves (from left, Stefan Baumschläger, Tino Ehrich, Brendon Blackwell)

Similar to SoundCloud, an online platform for all types of musicians as well as anybody who wants to upload audio to share, Beatguide was home grown in Berlin. Considered the Silicon Valley of Europe, Prenzlauerberg in former East Berlin has transformed itself into the go-to startup destination for young entrepreneurs, creatives, and programmers from around the world.

At the moment, Beatguide's biggest competitor in Berlin is Resident Advisor, a website that keeps track of all party events in the city. However, while Beatguide is unique in its concentration of electronic music, there are several other notable apps for nightlife and music lovers to get the inside scoop on music events in their area.

Here are some of the apps worth checking out:

Bandsintown is an app that allows you to follow live bands and track ones playing in your area.

Songkick also helps you track your favorite bands and find out when and when they are playing where you are.

On Djlist, you can track your favorite DJs, discover DJs you never heard of, and get a taste of some of their music.

Described as a location-based application, Gigdropper "enables users to 'drop' playlists and audio at real world locations. Using the app, people can connect and discover audio content curated by others around a place, giving a hyper-local experience." Gigdropper was also a finalist for Red Bull Amplifier.

Makelight, also a finalist for Red Bull Amplifier, allows users to "join the band, support the team, and become woven into the event as you hold up your phone and contribute your pixel to create the overall picture."

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