London ends Queen′s Jubilee Celebrations | News | DW | 05.06.2012
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London ends Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

A dramatic fly-by brought four days of royal celebrations for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee to an end in London.

The British Rpyal Air Force Red Arrows fly in formation over Buckingham Palace in London

Queen Elizabeth Jubiläum Fliegerformation Red Arrows

A million and a half people gathered on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace to mark the end of four days of celebrations for the Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in London on Tuesday afternoon.

The queen's eldest son, Prince Charles, stood in during the ceremony in place of the queen's husband, Prince Phillip, who is recovering from a minor health problem in hospital.

The four days were marked by street parties, special celebrations at the Epsom Derby horserace on Saturday, a thousand-strong flotilla on the River Thames on Sunday, and a concert at Buckingham Palace on Monday. Elton John's performance of one of his hit songs, Crocodile Rock, got one of the loudest cheers.

Four thousand beacons were lit all over the Commonwealth before a fireworks display lit up the sky over the West End of London.

The final day centered on a ceremony of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral attended by political leaders, foreign ambassadors and other royal family members. It was followed by a horse-drawn carriage procession through London.

The German ambassador to the United Kingdom, Georg Boomgaarden, said he felt very fortunate to be in London during the festivities.

1.5 million people gathered on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace to watch the flypast.

The Royal Air Force's Red Arrows display teams flies red, white and blue over London.

A dramatic and colorful fly-by of the Royal Air Force Red Arrows display team over Buckingham Palace brought the holiday to a close.

jm/mz (AFP, Reuters)