Living with an extreme disability | Reporter - On Location | DW | 11.01.2020
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Living with an extreme disability

Markus Behrendt and Christine Wagner-Behrendt from Kassel have been taking care of their son Jascha for 13 years. He broke his neck in a bicycle accident when he was five years old, and he's paralyzed and given artificial respiration ever since.

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Jascha can only communicate by blinking. His family does their best to live their daily lives as normally as possible. His two sisters, ten and fifteen years old, do their parts, as well. Markus and Christine have started the Intensiv-Leben Association to support other families who care for disabled children. For their efforts, they were awarded the Bambi in the "silent heroes" category last year. We observe the family going about their daily routine. A Report by Melina Grundmann.