Live Ticker Poland 0 : 2 Ecuador | Match Reports | DW | 09.06.2006
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Match Reports

Live Ticker Poland 0 : 2 Ecuador

Review the action as it happened with the run down from DW-WORLD.DE's Live World Cup Ticker.

Poland vs. Ecuador from Gelsenkirchen
Poland and Ecuador face each other in the second game of the 2006 FIFA World Cup at the FIFA World Cup Stadium Gelsenkirchen. After Germany got off to a good winning start both teams will have to go for the win to keep up with the Group A leaders if they want to finish on top.

Match 2 starts soon
Nerves in Germany are beginning to calm after their win against Costa Rica, but the butterflies are just starting to flutter in the stomachs of soccer fans in Poland and Ecuador. Stay with DW-WORLD.DE for all the action starting at 21:00 UTC.

The anthems have started!
The second game of the 2006 World Cup is about to get underway as Poland and Ecuador meet in the FIFA World Cup Stadium Gelsenkirchen.

Here's a look at the two teams' line ups:


1. BORUC Artur (GK), 2. JOP Mariusz, 6. BAK Jacek, 7. SOBOLEWSKI Radoslaw, 8. KRZYNOWEK Jacek, 9. ZURAWSKI Maciej, 10. SZYMKOWIAK Miroslav, 14. ZEWLAKOW Michal, 15. SMOLAREK Ebi, 16. RADOMSKI Arkadiusz


12. MORA Cristian (GK), 3. HURTADO Ivan (C), 4. DE LA CRUZ Ulises, 8. MENDEZ Edison, 11. DELGADO Agustin, 14. CASTILLO Segundo, 16. VALENCIA Luis, 17. ESPINOZA Giovanny, 18. REASCO Neicer, 20. TENORIO Edwin, 21. TENORIO Carlos

Referee: Toru Kamikawa (Japan)

1. min.
Poland-Ecuador is underway!
There's the whistle, and Poland start with the ball.

2. min.
Poland practices passing
Poland is keeping control of the ball in their defensive third and win the first foul of the game.

3. min.
Poland comes forward on their second drive of the match and the crowd raises its whistles as Smolarek falls without receiving a foul.

5. min.
Ecuadorian pride
Ecuador's goalie Mora gets his first chance to handle the ball and show off the Ecuadorian colors he's painted on his face.

7. min.
Valencia gets off the first shot of the game, but it was nothing for Boruc to worry about as it rolled well wide of goal.

7. min.
Corner for Poland
Krzynowek wins a corner but it's cleared by the defense.

9. min.
Poland captain Bak clears the ball out of the penalty area and is rewarded with an elbow to the head from Carlos Tenorio.

11. min.
Throw in Ecuador
Ecuador win a throw in deep in Poland territory and Castillo is able to get off a shot Boruc handles well.

12. min.
Mixed signals on the part of Poland rob Zurawski of a chance on goal as the 1-2 pass is broken up.

14. min.
Foul for Poland
Krzynowek wins a foul 35 yards out and takes it himself.

15. min.
High and wide
But he puts the ball way above the goal and high into the stands.

18. min.
Free kick Poland
De la Cruz tosses Smolarek to the ground and Poland lines up a kick.

18. min.
Set it up again
The kick bounces off the wall and Poland gets ready for another corner, which they aren't able to turn into a chance on goal.

22. min.
Have a seat
Jop gives Tenorio a shove and the Ecuadorian goes sailing, but doesn't manage to get enough on his head on the ensuing free kick to find the back of the net.

22. min.

22. min.
Long throw, big head
Mendez flicks on a massive throw in from De la Cruz and Carlos Tenorio proves how dangerous he can be heading the ball past a diving Boruc to score his first goal with the national team.

26. min.
Ecuador energized
The goal has brought new life into what looked like an initially lackadaisical Ecuadorian side. Now the passes are getting crisper and reaching their target more often.

28. min.
Another long throw, but no conversion
De la Cruz tosses in another streaker that falls to Delgado's foot, but he puts it over the crossbar.

30. min.
Radomski gives up foul
Poland gives up another foul, but this one is well out of Ecuador's shooting distance.

31. min.
Yellow for Hurtado
The Ecuadorian captain gets the first card of the game for steamrolling Radomski.

33. min.
Another chance for Ecuador
De la Cruz takes another walk with the ball through the Polish defense but his shot is cleared by the defense.

35. min.
Smolarek gets yellow
Smolarek slides into Edwin Tenorio with an extended leg and gets a well-deserved booking.

38. min.
Boruc stops rifle
Mendez fires a shot through a defensive wall, but the Polish keeper is able to handle it.

39. min.
Double cross with no one to finish
Poland sends the ball across Ecuador's penalty box twice, but no one is there to turn the cross into a shot.

41. min.
Pace picking up
While still not a game that will leave a lasting impression on many people's minds, the speed of the match has picked up, with the ball beginning to leave midfield more often since the Ecuador goal.

43. min.
Corner kick goes awry
Krzynowek's corner kick sails above 19 heads and becomes a goal kick.

45. min.
Half time whistle
Poland's 5-man midfield has been keeping a better grip on the ball in the first half's final minutes but still look shaky up front.

45. min.
Into the locker room
Slightly favored going into the match, Poland haven't been able to get their game started and are certain to get a talking to from coach Janas in the locker room. Ecuador's players will be encouraged to do more of the same in the second half and keep Poland from pushing too far forward.

45. min.
Few chances
Ball possession was been split right down the middle in the first 45 minutes, but with all four shots on goal coming from Ecuador, Poland have not been able to turn their time with the ball into chances to get on the board.

45. min.
Players back on the field
Poland and Ecuador get ready for the second half to begin.

48. min.
Slowing it down again
The players are back from the break, but no one seems too excited about being back on the pitch as passes go astray and men unmarked.

49. min.
Corner Poland
Poland get a chance on a corner, but Krzynowek put the ball behind the goal and Mora takes his time setting up the goal kick.

51. min.
Ecuador intercepts
Poland and Ecuador continue splitting time on the ball, but Poland's weak passes are being easily intercepted by the Ecuadorian midfielders and defenders.

52. min.
Great pass from Szymkowiak...
... but Krzynowek is caught offsides.

54. min.
Sobolewski breaks through
The Polish midfielder cuts through the defense and connects well but Espinoza is able to clear with a slide tackle.

56. min.
Juggling school is open
Reasco walks the ball down the touch line juggling it between his feet and past defenders with the ball bouncing on his head.

58. min.
Valencia gets away with a foul and is able to send the ball forward to Mendez, who wins a throw in deep in Poland territory.

60. min.
Jop goes down
Poland's Jop takes a hard foul to the leg. He's a bit slow getting back up, but he looks able to stay in the game.

62. min.
Ecuador locks down
The four-man South American defense has closed down every chance Poland brings at it, denying the Europeans any solid shots on goal and protecting their 1-0 lead.

64. min.
Hurtado is hurt
Ecuador's captain is hurt in a collision with Smolarek and will need to leave the game.

65. min.
Carlos Tenorio out for Ivan Kaviedes

66. min.
Captain is back
Hurtado is treated on the sidelines and is able to come back into the game with little more than a limp and a grimace.

67. min.
Sobolewski makes room for Ireneusz Jelen

68. min.
Hurtado is hurting
Hurtado decides he can't finish and hands the captain's armband over to Delgado and Jorge Guagua comes in.

69. min.
Stop wasting time
Yellow card for Mendez for slowing play.

71. min.
Less than 20 minutes left in the game and Poland is still trying to find their offensive players, while Ecuador continue to be happy keeping the lead they have and aren't bothered pushing forward.

74. min.
Ecuador counters
On a fast-moving run from one end of the pitch to the other, Ecuador decide to try their hand at offence, but the deciding pass is broken up in front of the goal.

77. min.
Krzynowek steps off for Kamil Kosowski

79. min.
Mora makes a mistake
But only has to pay with the stress of a corner kick and the following shot that knocked over a cameraman's gear on the side of the field.

80. min.

81. min.
Delgado puts the game on ice
Augstin Delgado inches through an offsides trap and slams home a pass from Kaviedes to silence Gelsenkirchen's Polish fans.

83. min.
Subs on both sides
Ecuador: Patricio Urrita takes over for Delgado. Poland: Pawel Brozek in for Zurawski.

86. min.
Poland's only chance so far
Jelen turns and takes a shot on goal that ricochets off the post, forcing Jelen to grasp at the few hairs left on his head.

87. min.
Jelen makes another chance
Poland is trying to crash Ecuador's shut-out party sending all but two players into the Ecuador penalty area.

89. min.
Limping to the end
Kosowski is fouled and limps his way back to the ball to try and salvage at least a goal.

89. min.
Pawel Brozek has only been in the game a few minutes but manages to send the ball careening off the post.

91. min.
Extra time begins
The fourth official puts up the board announcing four minutes of injury time.

93. min.
Kaviedes breaks free on the wing, but none of his players is willing to run forward to receive a pass.

94. min.
That's it!
Japan's referee Toru Kamikawa looks at his watch and puts and end to the second game of the 2006 World Cup.