Little Stones | DocFilm | DW | 15.06.2019
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Little Stones

Four female artists fight for international women's rights with rap music, dance and graffiti. They fight against genital mutilation and domestic violence and for the dignity of sex workers.

Watch video 42:36

Violence against women is a global problem, but these artists are no longer prepared to accept that. Fatou Mandiang Diatta, alias Sister Fa, is a Senegalese rapper and activist. She is committed to fighting female genital mutilation in Africa. Her voice helps to break the taboos surrounding this cruel and dangerous practice. Panmela Castro is a Brazilian graffiti artist who uses her art to rebel against the widespread domestic violence in the country’s favelas. Indian dancer Sohini Chakraborty uses her skills to treat sex workers who have become victims of sexual violence, helping the women to feel comfortable in their bodies again and to heal their traumas. The young American student Anna Taylor has established the "Judith & James” fashion label in Africa, training poor women in Kenya to become seamstresses and teaching them how to become financially independent. She has already made her debut at the New York Fashion Week with the clothes they have sewn. In this documentary the four artists all tell stories of success and courage in an often bleak world.