Get to know David | Reporters | Life Links | DW | 20.03.2015
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Get to know David

From working behind-the-scenes at Life Links, the American reporter made it in front of the camera.

I got into journalism kind of by accident. I used to write culture reviews for a little paper in Montreal. After a while I realized I was a pretty good at writing and pretty awful at waiting tables, so I decided to try my hand at news reporting. I got my first broadcast experience at a student radio station and even got to man the kissing booth at their fundraising party; it was a little wooden stand where people would come and pay $2 to kiss me and one of the station's hosts. (We raised about $80.)

Since moving to Germany, I've been a radio correspondent and newsreader, as well as an editor and producer for DW's TV news.

What was your biggest challenge growing up?
I was different from the other kids in a lot of ways. I did ballet instead of baseball. I was vegetarian from age six, Jewish, sensitive; the list goes on. In a way it was cool being so different, but it wasn’t easy. Moving around the southern United States between Florida and Alabama didn’t help either. There were different rules, different accents and different attitudes.

How did you work things out?
I put all my energy into getting good grades and “escaping” to a good university. Once that happened I got to choose the people I surrounded myself with. Finally I didn't feel like it was so radical to be me.

What does happiness mean to you?
Happiness is a state of being that comes from accepting and appreciating yourself and what’s around you. In terms of momentary happiness, some things that give me a boost are going swimming with friends, owning a functioning bike, doing rewarding work, having a warm cat on my lap, and eating good Mexican food.

Who do you turn to when life sucks?
My mom and I are very good at making each other laugh when things get rough.

What was the first thing you shared - and why?
Being an only child, I didn’t have to share much. Now I love sharing groceries with my roommates, but they had brothers and sisters, so they’re not quite as keen on sharing as I am.

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