Life expectancy in Germany reaches all-time high | News | DW | 22.04.2015
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Life expectancy in Germany reaches all-time high

Newborn boys in Germany can now expect to live until roughly the age of 78, and girls five years more than that. Both of those assessments are record-breaking, according to the government's latest analysis.

Life expectancy in Germany keeps rising, according to the new numbers published by Federal Statistic Office in Wiesbaden on Wednesday.

Female babies in Germany have an average life expectancy of 82 years and ten months, while newborn boys can expect to live for 77 years and nine months.

Both of those values are a "record high" according to statisticians.

The authorities have also published data concerning seniors, saying that an average 65-year old German can look forward to another 17.5 years of life, while a woman of the same age can count on another 20 years and nine months.

Boys closing the gap

The study also found that people in the south-western province of Baden-Württemberg live the longest.

Compared to the last assessment, published two and a half years ago, the growth appears to be underwhelming – just one month more for women and no change for men. However, the data published Wednesday takes into account the census from 2011, which makes the difference appear smaller than it really is.

Compared to a similar analysis from 1986/1988, there is clearly growth, officials said.

In under three decades, life expectancy has risen six years for newborn boys and four years and nine months for girls.

dj/kms (Reuters, dpa, epd)

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