Lewis Hamilton wins for Mercedes in Japanese Formula One Grand Prix | News | DW | 08.10.2017
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Lewis Hamilton wins for Mercedes in Japanese Formula One Grand Prix

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has won the Japanese Grand Prix from pole position at Suzuka. His rival, German Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, was forced to retire early.

British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton took a big step toward what would be his fourth Formula One world title on Sunday, coasting to an eighth season victory from pole position at Suzuka, Japan.

He came in ahead of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull for his 61st Formula One victory overall.

German rival Sebastian Vettel had a third straight bad race weekend, retiring his Ferrari from the race before it had reached the halfway mark owing to spark plug failure.

"We realised there was a problem. I had no power in the formation lap and at the start. We all work at the limit, sometimes things break," he said.

"It happens," a disappointed Vettel told reporters. "It is a big disappointment. I could have passed him at the start but it didn't happen."

Hamilton has now increased his lead over Vettel to 59 points, with only four races left in the season. Vettel had led the championship until four races ago.

"I was excited to have a good race with Sebastian here but he's been incredibly unfortunate," said the Briton. "I could have only dreamed about having such a gap in the standings. I owe everything to the team. They are meticulous"

tj/aw (dpa, AP)

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