Letaief, Ibrahim | Speakers | DW | 05.05.2011
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Letaief, Ibrahim

Journalist, Film Director and Producer


Ibrahim Letaief has become one of the most famous representatives for Tunisian film. Before he entered the scene of cinema, he was journalist and TV producer for TV CANAL+ HORIZONS. As a director and producer of movies, Letaief has realized numerous short and feature films. His movie Cinecittà (2008) became an internationally prize-winning work. In 2009, winning the National Culture Award, Letaief was honored as the the best film director in Tunisia. He recently started a weekly radio panel discussion on Mosaique FM, one of the most famous Tunisian radio stations, where he talks with public figures who are engaged in the development of current public life. He also teaches sciences of communication and production at ESAC, a school for TV and cinema in Tunisia.

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