Leipzig charms with music and the arts | DW Travel | DW | 28.07.2012
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Leipzig charms with music and the arts

Located in the German state of Saxony, Leipzig has almost half a million residents and a rich history.



Renowned composers Felix Mendelssohn and Johann Sebastian Bach both left their influence on a city also known for the visual arts. Leipzig-born painter Neo Rauch counts as one of contemporary art's most successful figures.



One of Leipzig's newest attractions is Gondwanaland in Leipzig Zoo. Named after the prehistoric supercontinent Gondwana, it takes visitors on a journey through natural history in Europe's biggest tropical biosphere. Rare animals dwell among numerous tree and plant species in an enclosed area bigger than two soccer pitches. They include Germany's only Komodo dragon, the world's largest type of lizard.

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Leipzig - City of Music and the Arts

From Visit Germany
Editor: Sue Cox

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