Leipzig celebrates with an exhibition | DW Travel | DW | 20.05.2015
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Leipzig celebrates with an exhibition

Leipzig was first mentioned 1,000 years ago. Now a new exhibition at the Museum of Local History shows what historians and archaeologists know about the beginnings of the city.

The fact that Leipzig celebrates its 1,000 year history this year is thanks to chance. No one could foresee that the bishop of Meissen would die during a trip "in urbe Libzi vocata", as the chronicler Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg noted on December 20, 1015. The mention of what was actually a castle settlement is the starting point for a special exhibition at the city’s Museum of Local History in this anniversary year.

The exhibition "1015: Leipzig from the Very Beginning" spans 500 years and "offers a full appreciation of the ancient history of our city for the first time," says museum director Volker Rodekamp. It points to the early foundation for Leipzig’s later development into a trade and exhibition center, and "a city of European significance."

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