Lecsó! | Beef and Pork | DW | 23.02.2011
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Beef and Pork


Lecsó is a true Hungarian specialty.


Recipe for Lecsó for four people

Restaurant: Borkatakomba, Budapest

Chef József Révész shows us how it's done!


100 grams of smoked white bacon, diced

4 large Hungarian white peppers, chopped

3 medium tomatoes

2 onions, chopped

Sunflower or maize oil

1 dessert spoon of mild ground paprika

1 glass of water

1 glass of white wine

100 grams of streaky bacon, diced

100 grams of paprika salami or sliced salami

100 grams of spicy green paprika (pepperoni) slices

1 dessert spoon of paprika paste

2 cloves of garlic, crushed


Black pepper


Fry the white bacon cubes in a pan without oil or butter until lightly browned. Add the onions and leave to sweat for a while. Add the ground paprika, the water and wine and stir well. Now add the chopped white paprika, stir and leave to steep for 10 minutes. Add the streaky bacon, salami, green paprika slices, paprika paste, salt and garlic and leave for ten minutes, stirring occasionally.

Bon appétit or as they say in Hungary…Jo étvágyat!

22.02.2011 DW-TV Euromaxx a la carte Gericht


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