Learning German: New online course | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 03.02.2016
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Learning German: New online course

You'd like to learn German? Well, Harry is here to help! DW Akademie's Learning German division has launched the new multimedia online course, "Harry – gefangen in der Zeit". It’s aimed at beginners.

In 100 superbly animated episodes, the new multimedia online course is moderated in English and offers complete beginners a fun way to learn German.

The main character is Harry Walkott and he has a problem. He has woken up in a hotel in the Black Forest to find his girlfriend has left him - and he doesn’t speak a word of German. To make things even worse, every day repeats itself like in the Hollywood film, Groundhog Day.

In an attempt to break out of this time-loop, Harry strikes out on a journey across Germany, and in a series of adventures gets to know people and places - and the German language itself.

This entertaining course includes interactive exercises, extensive grammar tips, a 3,500-word vocabulary trainer and information about Germany.


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