Lawyer in Dortmund presses charges against unwanted pizzas | News | DW | 15.02.2018
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Lawyer in Dortmund presses charges against unwanted pizzas

The lawyer brought charges against the deliveries last month, without knowing who was sending him the food. Police are looking into what may be a case of stalking.

Guido Grolle was named by local newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten as the lawyer being sent the food, the range of which has extended beyond pizzas to Sushi, sausage and Greek delicacies.

Grolle does not have to pay for the food as he did not order it and the liability lies with the supplier. He complained: "It's so irritating, I don't even get my work done anymore." He has no idea who is sending him the deliveries.

Police have opened a stalking investigation into the case.

A similar case was reported last year in the northern English town of Blackpool. Scores of pizzas, curries and kebabs were delivered at all times of the day and night, without being ordered, the family complained in February 2017. Mother Vicky Rice said: "It's constant, constant, constant. Even our dog has anxiety." Lancashire Police investigated reports that a girl who Vicky's son met on Facebook may have been responsible.

Computer glitch?

So far in Dortmund, Grolle has received more than 100 unwanted pizzas via different suppliers and the daily deliveries can start early. He has received emails with pre-orders in the morning and commented that a computer problem could be responsible, although his own computer and smartphone have been checked.

It is also possible the orders are not targeting Grolle but the bailiffs who are based in his office building. They had previously made a similar complaint about multiple orders, according to media reports.

As the case has been widely reported, delivery companies are starting to take the precaution of calling Grolle to make sure he really did make an order before sending anything out.

jm/kms (dpa,AP)
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