Latin American Television: Relaying Values in an Era of Growth | Program | DW | 18.04.2013
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Latin American Television: Relaying Values in an Era of Growth

Monday, 17 June 2013, 2:00 p.m., Pumpenhaus

Hosted by Deutsche Welle

The media landscape in Latin America has been decisively shaped in the past 20 years not only by new developments in multimedia, but especially by large growth in pay TV markets and an ever expanding selection of audio-visual products. The commercial media have been going through a consolidation and privatization process for the past few years, and today they share the TV market with products that distinguish themselves by emphasizing educational and cultural issues. Most of these are publicly financed ventures that serve to endorse culture, community development and social values.

How do these cultural and educational products deal with a constantly changing and developing TV market characterized by growing competition, economic imperatives, and new legal and technological frameworks that need to be addressed with limited resources? Additionally, how do they influence the audience’s perceptions, given the complexities of expressing values and educational content? Finally, how is the long-term survival of these products ensured in an audio-visual market where maintaining a positive appearance is essential?


Perez - Schmidt, Jenny
Journalist, News Anchor at DW, Berlin, Germany


Aimone García, Enrique

General Manager UCV TV, Chile

Dager Gómez, Roberto
Executive President, Telerama S.A. , Colombia

Morris Rincón, Hollmann
General Manager, Canal Capital, Bogotá, Colombia

Mosquera Alejandro, María Eugenia
General Director, Vale TV, Caracas, Venezuela

Ramírez López, Mónica
General Director, Radio y Televisión Querétaro, President La Red, Mexico

Complete session on soundcloud:
WS09 - Latin American Television - Relaying Values in an Era of Growth