Lamb Goulash with Šurlice | Beef and Pork | DW | 16.06.2015
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Beef and Pork

Lamb Goulash with Šurlice

A Croatian Local Speciality

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Lamb Goulash with Šurlice


For the goulash

1 kilo lamb, cubed (or beef, veal or pork)

800 gram onions, chopped

2 tbs. tomato paste

5 bay leaves

salt, pepper and dried rosemary to taste

meat stock or water

1 glass red wine

For the šurlice pasta

1 kilo flour

2 eggs

1 egg yolk

1 tsp. salt

150 ml cold water

350 ml lukewarm water


Sauté the chopped onions and tomato puree. Season with bay leaves, rosemary, salt and pepper to taste. Then add the cubed meat and brown. Quench with the red wine, and simmer until the alcohol has dissipated. Then add lukewarm water or stock. Simmer until the meat is cooked.

For the pasta, knead together flour, eggs and salt, gradually adding lukewarm water to make a smooth dough. Allow the kneaded dough to rest for 15 minutes, then roll it out and cut it into pieces of about 100 grams each. Dust a knitting needle with flour. Using your hands, roll each piece of dough around the knitting needle lengthwise to form an 8 or 10 centimeter-long noodle. Carefully remove the knitting needle so that the noodle remains empty in the middle. Cook the pasta in salt water and serve together with the goulash.

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