La dolce vita gets an emergency soundtrack | Italy | DW | 18.04.2013
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La dolce vita gets an emergency soundtrack

Good times in Italy are a thing of yesterday. The crisis has sobered people. But a group of young men from the South are reversing the trend. With their YouTube videos they want to put a smile back on the nation's face.

The five musicians in Rimbamband, a band from Bitonoto in Apulia, have had enough of pessimism, so their performances are all about creating a good mood. "We want to challenge audiences to think positively and be creative," says band leader Rafaello Tullo.

Nicolo Pantaleo, Vittorio Bruno, Raffaello Tullo, Renato Ciardo und Francesco Pagliarulo (left to right)

Rimbamband are keeping their heads up

With a mixture of theater and concert, they interpret old musicians and infuse pantomime with slapstick. They are never afraid of being childish, whether they are performing in clubs in Rome or the basketball hall in their home town of Bitonoto.

But they don't stop at live shows. Each week they put out a YouTube video with tips about how to be happy in the thick of the crisis. But as Rafaello Tullo admits, they also use it to their advantage. "We deliver a means of forgetting the crisis," he says. "But we promote ourselves a little in the process."

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Happiness through creativity

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