Lüneburg Heath is in bloom again | DW Travel | DW | 17.08.2015
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Lüneburg Heath is in bloom again

The blooming heath rings in the "fifth season" on the Lüneburg Heath. This blooming spectacle will continue for weeks on Europe's largest connected heath land.

This natural carpet of bloom makes the flat northern German landscape again appear like a sea of purple color. This impressive natural spectacle is best appreciated on the cycle and hiking tracks, which are prevalent particularly in southern part of the heath.

The heath should be in bloom this year until the end of September. The heath attracts some one and half million visitors annually. Due to the pleasant weather the tourist association Lüneburger Heide GmbH expects the number of visitors to increase this year in comparison to 2014.

The current status of the blooming heath can be monitored and admired on the German-language Heideblüten-Barometer - a collection of photos which is regularly updated.

ot/fm/sb (lueneburger-heide.de, NDR)

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