Kres Harrington | The Bundesliga | DW | 24.10.2017
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The Bundesliga

Kres Harrington

Born in the USA, in the golden state of California, Kres later attended Georgia State, where . he earned a degree in public relations and played baseball.

In 2001, he enlisted as a broadcast journalist with the American Forces Network in the US military, serving in South Korea and Germany and honing his television and radio skills over a four year period. His hard work earned him the “Broadcast Journalist of the year” award in 2002.


Kres returned to the US in 2005 and joined an ABC affiliate as the sports director and anchor. The following year, he won an Associated Press award for his report on a local football team winning the state championship. In 2008, he put his career on hold and returned to Germany to start a family.


Kres joined DW’s sports department in 2015 and resumed his television career. Besides presenting DW’s The Bundesliga, Kres regularly appears on DW news and is a contributor to the football magazine show Kick Off Life.