Klaus Florian Vogt, Tenor | Talking Germany | DW | 29.01.2013
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Talking Germany

Klaus Florian Vogt, Tenor

Tenor Klaus Florian Vogt is especially well-known for his portrayal of Wagner’s Lohengrin, which has helped secure him a place as one of the world’s premiere Wagnerian tenors.

But the celebrated singer actually got his start playing the horn in an orchestra pit. In Talking Germany, he speaks with us about his path to the limelight.

Klaus Florian Vogt loves contradictions. The opera singer prefers to camp out in a trailer during long engagements instead of staying in a hotel, saying it provides an escape from the dream world of the opera into everyday life. Since he played his first opera role in Flensburg in 1997, Vogt’s career has taken off. 2012 was an especially happy year for the tenor. First he won an Echo Klassik award as best singer of the year. Later he was frenetically applauded for his Lohengrin at the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth. Klaus Florian Vogt is a down-to-earth person who tries to remain level-headed despite his success. Not only does his northern German temperament help him do that – his family does as well. He lives with his four sons and his wife, also a singer, in the Dithmarschen region of Schleswig-Holstein.

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