Kick out your boss | Documentary & Report: Watch DW-videos online for free | DW | 01.11.2016
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Documentary & Report

Kick out your boss

Is it time get rid of your boss? Three companies in Brazil, Serbia and Austria have done just that, operating with neither bosses nor managers. Can they survive in a tough, competitive world or will it end in chaos?

This documentary demonstrates with the help of three examples in Brazil, Serbia and Austria how such alternative systems can work. Filmmaker Elisabeth Scharanag visits three companies that have neither a boss nor managers. Everyone in the company has their say. The film visits SEMCO, a company in Brazil with over 3000 staff members that has been succeeding for thirty years. The employees at Juogremedija in Serbia led a ten year battle against the company’s privatization. Now they are the majority shareholders in the pharmaceutical company.  Can these companies survive in a tough, competitive world? In the Austrian city of Graz we visit a creative agency where everyone decides which course is to be taken. But will this end in chaos? The film also takes a look at, an Internet platform that presents visionary ideas and models for tomorrow’s labor market.