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DW Kick off (Sendungslogo deutsch/englisch)

Kick off! - The Bundesliga Highlights

Kick off! is pure Bundesliga soccer, the real thing, featuring all the games, all the goals, every week on DW. The players have hardly left the pitch, and we’re on air, broadcasting the Bundesliga to the world!

Welcome to the Kick off! universe!

Kick off! Life - your football show surrounding the sport and the reason of being. When philosophy cannot longer answers the questions of life, "Kick off! Life" comes in as football itself is life. 

Every week, Kick off! explores a different topic: whether it's the fans, love or money, failures, home or luck.

Reporters chat with German and international stars about their profession, their motives, their wishes and ask about their highs and lows.

In "Global Talk", fans from all around the world interact with each other. "Life is a pitch" discovers the most unusual grounds all over the globe. "Singing fan clubs" presents ambitious football supporters who week in and week out sing out their soul for their football clubs. In "Being Ronaldo" we take a look at life through the eyes of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Behind everything are all of life's big questions. This and more every week in our new football show Kick off! Life on TV and YouTube. 


Kick off! Highlights - It is pure Bundesliga. All games, all goals. Every Monday on DW: your weekly Bundesliga fix. If you want to know what's going inside Carlo Ancelotti's head or understand why Dortmund and Schalke fans can never get along, then you're in the right place. 

Here you'll experience the Bundesliga along its heroes. You'll find out the stories behind every match day. The loud, big games and the smaller but fine duels of the past nine matches - whether it's a top team or a struggling club, here you'll find your friends. 

Kick off! And Kick off! Life on Deutsche Welle are broadcasted in German, English, and Spanish. Kick off! Highlights is offered in all previous mentioned languages and in Arabic. 


Here's the trailer to your new favorite show: Kick off Life.  

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Making Of "Kick off!"