Kenya: Students make smart air purifier from bamboo | Africa | DW | 08.10.2021

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Kenya: Students make smart air purifier from bamboo

University students in Kenya have developed an indoor purifier and air monitor. They're hoping that their low-cost invention will allow more families to breathe clean air at home.

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A cheap solution to what is, at times, an invisible problem. Klind Air is a smart air purifier made of bamboo. It was developed by these Kenyan students. David, Caroline and Tonny want to bring the product to market. The filter can be used at home, and in cars and offices. It also monitors indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution can be harmful to breathe in. Measurements appear on the user's smartphone. Klind Air wants to help fight respiratory diseases and simplify the monitoring of air quality. These students want to offer an air purifier that people can afford regardless of their income