Journalism in Crisis: Democracy in Danger? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 17.11.2016
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Journalism in Crisis: Democracy in Danger?

He was dismissed as a madman, a bigot, a liar. Very few pundits thought Donald Trump would really win the presidency. The media were too blinkered to pick up on the mood of the American people. What is the future of journalism in the “post-factual” era and the age of rampant populism? Our guests: Matthew Karnitschnig (POLITICO), Ursula Weidenfeld (Business Journalist), Alan Posener (Die Welt).

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Our guests:

Matthew Karnitschnig is chief editor Europe for POLITICO, based in Berlin. He says: “It’s a myth that good journalism failed. The Trump phenomenon was well explored and analyzed but the ruling classes ignored the warning signs. Many people — especially elites — are in denial over the anti-globalization wave sweeping the West.”

Alan Posener is a political commentator for Die Welt. He says: “Trump and the populists have a simple trick: unleash anger and hatred. Serious journalists have a simple answer: stick with the facts. They win in the end.”



Ursula Weidenfeld is a renowned Business journalist and she says: “The US-election shows not only the crisis of western democracies: Ist has also shown, that journalists have lost control over the news business.”